Sterling Silver vs White Gold

White gold is simply a mixture of pure yellow gold and other white metals which give it that shining silver-like appearance. It is usually coated with Rhodium to strengthen it, make it shine and last longer. On the other hand, sterling silver is pure silver mixed with copper for making jewelry. It looks like white gold due to its shiny white look. The advantage here is that it is a budget-friendly alternative to gold, however, it requires frequent polishing. Most buyers would choose silver because of its beautiful look even if they can afford to buy gold while others who assumed they can’t afford gold also choose white gold due to its pure and shiny gloss.

Many people find it hard to differentiate between silver and white gold due to their similar appearance. It’s actually difficult to tell the difference between them at the first glance because they are so similar and one could think they are made from the same materials or even are the same. This actually isn’t true. When contemplating to buy either of the two, it is important to know the pros and cons of them.


What is sterling silver made of?
Silver, when used for making jewelry, is often mixed with copper – this form of silver is known as sterling silver. The essence of mixing pure silver with other metals is to make it strong so it won’t be too soft for creating jewelry. Among all white metals, sterling silver is the least expensive and is usually stamped “925” meaning 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals.

white gold

What is white gold made of?
A combination of pure gold with a white metal like palladium or nickel is used to create gold and also gives it that shiny look than the regular gold. A lot of people are concerned about silver or white gold products containing nickel because of their common source of sensitivity. Nickel is what people are actually allergic to and any jewelry that contains it can be irritating to the skin which makes it feel itchy and sometimes produces painful reactions. If you are nickel-sensitive, then make sure you buy nickel-free jewelry.

Another material, Rhodium, is a precious metal used for plating white gold jewelry due to its beautiful finish which sets off the white gold in a beautiful fashion. Rhodium plating is really nice as a finishing but its downside is that it wears off with time and would need to be re-plated.

white gold vs sterling silver

How do I decide on silver or white gold?
The major difference between these two materials is their price with silver being much cheaper. It is quite ideal if you are operating on a lower budget and looking for sterling silver jewelry. Where white gold costs $23.86 per gram, sterling silver costs $0.59 per gram. Cost is one factor that people consider when selecting from the two materials. The truth is that even though it might take more money to afford gold, it is worth the investment because it lasts longer.

Finally, whichever of the two you choose, having a good knowledge of their individual characteristics is helpful when choosing which to buy so you can wear and enjoy it for a very long time.

Facts about Monogramming

Monogramming is really trending today. For instance, if you walk into a university campus, you’ll surely see a lot of monogramming designs on several items like computer cases, bags, fabrics worn by students. Apart from that, household items such as bags, cups, sheets and towels also have monogram designs on them. Irrespective of how recent it looks, monogramming has been around for ages.

disc monogrammed necklace

Dsic Monogrammed Necklace from LoveInChic

What is a monogram?

A monogram can be said to be a motif created by combining two letters or more, or other graphemes with the aim of forming one symbol. Monograms are known to be made from the combination of initials of a company or individual and used as logos or recognizable symbols.

They were first used during the middle ages period in Ancient Greece and subsequently by royal personalities for several centuries. Then, monograms were on coins which marked the reign of certain Greek or Roman rulers. During the middle ages, artists used monograms for claiming their artwork. Also, during the Victorian Era, monograms became popular with people using them to personalize their property.

Below are a few facts that you should know about monogramming:

  1. The Classic Monogram

You might recognize a monogram the moment you see it, even if you aren’t sure of what it is. The Classic Monogram, popularly known as the monogram, comprises of 3 initials – the first letter of his or hers, last name and middle names. The last name initial mainly is in the middle of the design and is larger than the other two. The Classic Monogram can be used by anybody such as men, women, and kids.

However, women actually use the Classic Monogram design more than men.

  1. Items that are monogrammed can make great gifts

A monogrammed gift could be amazing because your friend or loved one would really acknowledge it because it brings out the uniqueness. Items that can be monogrammed include bags, towels, clothes, bed sheets, etc.

  1. Initial in Order

Inasmuch as the Classic Monogram is used more by women than men, men still have a personalization option if they want to display their initials on their property. The monogram designs used by men are majorly the ones where their initials are in the order from the first name initial to the last and all the letters are the same size.

  1. Single Letter Monogram

There are rare cases of people who don’t use 3 initials or other cases where the three initials spell out an inappropriate word. There are some people who don’t even like displaying all their initials. The cases and others are the reason why there is the Single Letter Monogram. This design allows just a single letter be displayed of which it could be any name like the first name initial, middle name initial or the last name initial.

  1. Married Monogram

The Married Monogram is the latest trend in the monogramming world. This is simply a design which combines the initial of married couples which display the initials of both couples. This includes the first name initials of the first name of both persons along with the last name initial. The tradition has always been the groom’s name to come first but recently, it has been the other way round.

  1. Precautions needed when monogramming on personal belongings

Back in the 90’s, kids usually had their names on almost everything belonging to them such as shoes, backpacks, coats, etc. This is really not a bad idea for kids in case of them walking alone without a parent or if the belonging should get lost at any time. Monogramming to some extent would prevent the risk of danger since the person’s full name does not appear on the item. All the same, a monogram still shows ownership of the property. It is, therefore, suitable using the monogram as a substitute.

If you want to personalize your items, then you should get a monogram on them. There are so many monogram styles to pick from, so be sure of what design and style you want on your belonging. Apart from fashion, we have seen monogramming can be used for identification of anything. Therefore, the idea of monogramming can never be ruled out.

Here is a video showing you how to make your own monogram using word:

Make Your Own Monogram Online

Monogramming is fast becoming a trend in the fashion world today as it can be seen in various places like fabrics, jewelry, timepieces and much more. Monograms are also used as various company logos in various ways. Monograms have also been used as signatures mainly by artists in various works such as sculptures, paintings, furniture, etc. Before we go any further, it is important to know how to define monogram.

ddp monogram

Monogram Definition

A monogram is simply a motif created by combining or overlapping two or more letters to for a symbol. Most monograms are made from the combination of the initials of a person or company and used as logos or symbols that become synonymous with them. It should be noted that a monogram is different from a cypher which is a series of uncombined initials. For instance,  Debbie Portland Demon will be DDP monogram in order.

Monogramming adds traditional and personal detail to anything it is engraved on like stamped details on stationery, the icing on a cake, custom details on sewing projects, embroidery stitches on decors, etc. One important thing about all these applications of monogramming is that they follow certain etiquettes. So, what is the appropriate monogram etiquette and what is it all about?

We will look into the rules for proper monogramming:

Monograms date back to the ancient Roman and Greek times where they got their origins from. They served as signatures for royal persons and artists, indicated social status, were used on currency and much more.


single monogram

Single Letter Monograms

Single letter monogram traditionally represents the last name which applies to both men and unmarried women. However, modern single letter monograms are used to represent the first letter of the forst names of unmarried women.


3 monograms

Three Letter Monograms

What is usually used is the 3 letter Victorian monograms with the letter arrangement depending on the letter sizes and marital status of the individual(s), within the monogram.

Same Size Letters: Single men and women mostly use the initials of their first, middle and last name respectively.

Large Surname Letter in the Middle: Single men and women use the initials of their first, last and middle names respectively with the last name in the middle and larger than the other two.

Married couples, on the other hand, have their names’ initial at either side with the last name initial in the center.

In this case, there are two schools of thought: The first one is that the wife’s first name initial is written at the left side of the surname initial while the husband’s first name initial is written at the right, a concept taken from “ladies go first”. This style is usually used on linens. The other school of though is more traditional which states the husband’s initial comes first the wife’s initial comes last just the way people are addressed as Mr. and Mrs. This style was originally used on tableware and glassware.

In the case of married women, there is another tradition that allows the woman use her married name initial as the middle initial, her first name initial on the left and maiden name initial on the right.

Married men or women, in another way, could use their first name initial, last name initial and middle name initial respectively.

Same-sex partners: In this case, any of the rules can be followed. If they both retain their last names, then both partners’ last name initials and surname initials are used. Their first initials can be added to either side of the surname initials.

monogram font

Monogram Fonts

There are several thousand of font styles available for making monograms. Examples are the block fonts which are more masculine and modern while the script fonts are more elegant and feminine in appearance (just like the vine monogram font).Before you choose fonts for monograms, you ought to know how they will be used.

You should also take note that even though these rules are the traditional monogram rules, there are actually no right or wrong ways in creating monograms. In most cases, it all boils down to the recipient of the gift, therefore, more attention should be put on the design to fit their personality. You surely won’t get it wrong!

Everything You Should Know about Monograms and Monogramming

You must be wondering what a monogram is and what monogramming is all about, right? Well, there’s no cause for alarm because, by the time you are done reading this, all your questions would have been answered.

monogram fontsSo, the most important question is: What is a monogram? A monogram is simply a symbol made from the combination of two or more letters that are just connecting to or overlapping each other. They majorly used for identifying an organization or just an individual as well as others. They were first used as far back as 350BC in Greece where they appeared on coins. Today, monograms are used as signatures by craftsmen and artists on several places such as furniture, sculptures, paintings etc.

Types of Monograms

Monograms are of various types and include Religious monograms, royal monograms, individual monograms and many others.

  1. Religious Monograms

Many centuries ago, there were monograms used in representing the name of Jesus Christ as a religious symbol. The most famous is the Chi Rho symbol which is a combination of the first two Greek letters for Christ.

  1. Royal Monograms

Also, centuries back, monograms with monarchs’ names were used as a symbol of various organizations in kingdoms which indicated a sort of connection to the ruler of the kingdom. These kinds of monograms are known as royal monograms and always appear on coins in countries mainly under the reign of a monarch. Examples of countries that made use of this in the past are Great Britain, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, and Russia.

  1. Individual Monograms

This could be just for embroidery on clothing, adorning on luggage and much more. These monograms usually have 2 or 3 letters. In most cases, the conventional 3 letter monogram normally is written with the first letter of the individual’s last name in the center. This monogram letter normally appears larger with the first name initial at the left and that of the middle name at the right.

In the case of engaged couples, they may decide to use the two-letter monogram which has their initials probably on places like wedding invitations. Also, married couples could create monograms having three letters which consist of the initial of their shared last name in-between the initial of their own name. Of course, the monogram font size of the middle letter would be slightly larger than the other two.

  1. Others

There are several other monograms found in various places such as organization and company logos, jewellery and much more. Examples are the logos of the University of Texas at Austin having a “UT” monogram, New York Yankees with an “NY” monogram, Consolidated Edison logo which is referred to as a classic emblem having a rounded “E” in a “C”.

Also, a lot of companies into fashion also use a monogram as their logo and a few of them are Fendi, Coco Chanel, Lois Vuitton, etc. Monograms are also used by athletes and artists who are known to brand merchandise with their logo such as Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, etc.

Creating Monograms

block monogramMonograms can be created through various ways such as using Microsoft Word, monogram makers, and monogram generators. If you are very proficient in Microsoft Word, then it is possible to create your own monogram by yourself. There are a couple of steps that can be followed when creating a monogram and it is even possible to add any kind of design to it or customize it to your own taste.

However, there are other ways to save you the stress of making monograms by yourself, thanks to monogram makers and monogram generator. They can be found all over the internet and can help you create a monogram online which can be downloaded either in PDF, JPEG or PNG  formats as against monograms created with Word which is saved in Word format. An example of a free monogram generator is the one found on the Mark and Graham website which has up to 27 different styles to select from. Once the monogram is created, it is sent via email and can be shared on various sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Monograms can be said to be used in so many areas today, hence its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Monogram Meaning and History

What is Monogram?
The monogram is 1-3 initial letters combined into a decorative design, which was originally monogram orderused to identiy a particular person or family. Monogram has been used for centuries and it is still being used today in various ways. Monogrammed bags, monogrammed glasses, monogrammed wedding gifts are so popular in new century. Since ancient time, the most popular monogram designs are 3 initial monogram. However, one can also make 4 initial monogra, 1 initial monogra, 2 initial monogra,5 initials monogram and even 10 initials monogram. Moreover, there are a variety of fonts can be used to make a monogram, such as block font, script font, fancy font, Janda font and many more. The most used monogram fonts are script monogram font and block monogram font in monogrammed gifts and jewelries. When buying a monogram gift or a piece of monogrammed jewelry, it is important for us to know the history of monogram and understand its meaning today.

Monogram History
Because of its simplicity, beauty as well as grace, monograms have been so popular throughout history worldwidely. The items which are imbued upon with monogram are so beautiful and unique. Monogram were also considered as a symbol of royalty or aristocracy because they were first used as the signature of the King or Queen.

The earliest known use of monogram was on clay coins. People first made the monogram sign during the transition time from tartering system to monetray system of trade. As time goes by, gradually people started to use monogram to mark the valuable property of nobility. Finally, it became a common sign which were seen as an aristocrat’s monogram. Aristocracies emblazoned monogram on various items to represent their ownership, such as weapons, armor, home decors, banners or coats.

When times goes to Middle Age, artisans liked to use their own monograms to sign their work. Nowadays, we are even able to tell which paiting belongs to an artisan simply by looking at the monogram on it. For instance, Rembrandt usually signed his work with RH in his early years, while he used RHL when his career progressed.

In Victorian era, many memebers of the aristocracy liked to use the monogram on their properties as a symbol of their high social status. Though monogram has its long history and a close relation with the royal members, aristocracy and wealthier classes, it is widely used today by ordinary people on either small or big items, such as bags, cloth as well as wall decor. Early monograms were consisted of two initials and three initial monogram did not gain its popularity until the 18th century.

Monogram Trend Today
Nowadays, monogram is much more like a stylish identify on a person’s properties than a sign of social status. Individuals are getting monogram engraved or printed on their belongings and you can find monogram sign on almost anything. Brands also use monograms for their brand names, companies use monograms as logos. Individuals use monogrammed bags to go shopping, giving monogrammed gifts on important occasions and make monogrammed jewelry pieces. Even many luxury car companies stamp their own monogram on the leather seats or tires.monogram online

Monogrammed items make the perfect personalized gifts, hence it has become very common in wedding gifts. The British royal family used 2 initial monogram with groom’s first initial and the bride’s first initial, WC for wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, WC represents restroom or bathroom in American English, so they changed the monogram to be CW. Souvebir makes flipped the initials and put Catherine’s first initial on all royal wedding souvenirs. Since it is very simple and expensive, nowadays people like to monogram various items from clothing to household accessories, such as towel,bags, wall stickers, serving trays, coats and more. As a sign of new marrital status and creative personalized wedding idea, monogrammed gifts are widely welcomed by newly married couples throughout the world.

Monogram Etiquette/Order
When purchasing a monogrammed gift, there are certain rules you need to keep in mind. First of all, the most popular monogram format nowadays is the 3 initial monogram. In this case, the monogram order is the last name initial should be placed in the center as the largest one, first name initial at the left and the middle name initial at the right side. For instance, Sarah Elaine Brightman would be SBE.

When purchasing a monogrammed gift for newly married couple, you need to combine the initials of the bride and the groom. In most cases, the monogram gifts for newly married couple should contain the bride’s first initial, the family name of the couple, and the groom’s first initial. In that order, Sarah and Andrew Brightman would be: SBA.

When giving a monogrammed gift to a married woman, you should include her first,maiden name initial and maried name initial. Traditionally it is approriate to use a women’s maiden initials even when she is married. However, it is more common to use a married woman’s first initial, mainden name initial, and her husband’s family name initial to make monogram. For instance, Sarah Parker married Andrew Brightman, her monogram should be SBP. For un-married woman, the monogram should include her first, middle and last name initial, so it is simple. For instance, Sarah Cailin Parker’s monogram would be SPC.

When monograming gifts for men, it is quite different from the way of monograming for women. Many people prefer to use the initials of a man’s full name in the monogram order. You can found full name initial in order in monogram styles on personal items, such as briefcases, pockets, luggage and cuffs. For instance, when monograming such items for Ben Carlson Robbison, the monogram order is BCR. However, it is also correct to put a man’s family name initial in the middle as the largest initial, and this kind of monograming is usually used on keyrings, cufflinks and glassware. So BRC is also correct when monograming a gift for gentleman.

It is trendy nowadays to give a personalized monogram gift when a baby is born, or a customized monogram gift o commemorate the special occassions for a child. The monogram rules for kids are the same as for adults. Monogrammed gifts for small children, both boys and girls, the traditional order is first name initial, last name initial and middle name initial. For example, Sarah Elizabeth Goodman’s monogram would be SGE.

Origins of Monogrammed Jewelry
Did you ever wonder when did the monogrammed jewelry trend come from? According to historians, the earliest known monogrammed jewelry were coins as currency to identify the area of a ruler. In the early 16th century, monogram necklaces were popular among noble women and men. King Henry VIII was believed to have a solid gold pin engraved with his own monogram initials and his wife Anne had her own monogrammed jewelry pieces. Even until today, we can see from many portraits of Annie she is wearing a initial monogram necklace. The necklace that Anne loved most is a monogram initial necklace features three teardrop pearls which hung from her solid gold B initial pendant. The monogram initial B, surely represents her surname, Boleyn. It is unknown about the origins of her monogram B necklace. Maybe it was a personalized gift from her father, but there is no recorded history tells Anne’s monogram necklace after her execution. It is remarkable that Anne’s Monogram B necklace is still influencing fashion jewelry culture today. The monogrammed jewelry trend comes and goes every few years. In many famous television shows or tv series that we can see heroins wearing a monogram initial necklace or monogrammed initials necklace. In the popular show, Ugly Betty also wore a replica of Anne’s Monogram B necklace.

monogram jewelry storeWhere to buy Monogrammed Jewelry?
There are many online stores selling monogram jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Because monogrammed jewelry pieces are personalized and it takes time to craft, it is important for you to know the jeweler’s crafting time, craftsmanship and styles. is one of the reputable jewelry store for monogrammed jewelry. Started business in 2014, they have been wholesaling and retailing monogram jewelry pieces for more than 10,000 per year. You can find sterling silver, gold vermeil, solid 14k gold, 18k gold, rose gold and white gold metals available. The crafting time for every piece is 7-10 business days with great craftsmanship and dedicated quality check. Now you have knowned the monogram meaning, monogram histroy, monogram order, monogram etiquette and monogram jewelry oringins, enjoy shopping the best monogram necklace, monogrammed bracelets, monogrammed earrings and rings.