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Monogram is the emblematic or decorative letter that has been used for many years to give something an identification. Initially, it was used as a royal signature, seal or currency to differentiate the coins of Roman and Greek regions. On viewing monogram history, we can clearly see that the movable type printing or monogram was first introduced in 1400 by Johannes Gutenberg a German blacksmith and Goldsmith who introduced the printing for the first time. Since then the World is using different techniques and methods to make stylish monograms to give identity.

The artist used to make monograms to give identity to their artwork while in Victorian-era people started monogramming to personalize their belongings. In different ages, monogramming has been in trend to give a special identity to the person as well as uniqueness to different products.

Techniques for making monograms

People are using a variety of techniques to make this specialized symbol. No matter what method they are using, they keep in mind the monogram etiquette. Those who design monograms have knowledge about the traditional guidelines for creating this art. It is important to follow monogram rules to produce the creative and unique symbol. Some of the techniques that people are using nowadays are

  1. Uv printing
  • Use of cure ink that dries immediately
  • High quality
  • Raised print
  • Usually used for color-field collection
  1. Sandblasting
  • Highly pressurized sand is blasted on the product
  • Produce clean and permanent impression
  • Best for glass items
  1. Embroidery
  • Handmade
  • Best for napkins, aprons, bags, towels, and shirts
  • Comes with a wide assortment of colors
  1. Laser
  • Powerful laser light is used to engrave letters on products
  • Leather, crystal, wood and all strong material can be monogrammed through this technique.
  1. Engraving
  • Handmade
  • Usually done on a silver plate or metals
  • Produce permanent imprint
  1. Letterpress
  • Excellent for stationary and paper goods
  • Repeated direction impression on the paper surface produce persuasive monograms.

classic monograms

Classic monograms

These are the modern techniques of printing, previously people use the special inks to produce the monograms. The classic monogram consists of person three initials. The last name initial is in the center of the monogram and usually in large size as compared to other two letters. Usually, women prefer the classic type of monograms. Men also use this type of style, but all the initial letters are same in size.

for married

Trend about married monograms

Married monogramming is the modern trend. Couples love to wear them on shirts, necklaces, rings, and bands with the initial letter of both partners. In the past, groom’s name letter was written first but now in modern days bride’s name letter is written before the Groom’s name.

monogram gift monogram jewelry

Monogrammed items as the special gift

People love to gift their special members the unique and modern style gift. These days the new trend of wearing the monogrammed shirts, shoes, Jewellery is very in. Even people love to design their mugs, bed covers, pillowcases and other decorative with a special monogram.

People love to make monograms on their skin by using ink tattoo techniques or make their signature in monogram form. These stylish symbols have been in trend for many centuries and will remain favorite in the future too.